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40 New Forza2 images X06

Images 1 – 20

Images 21 – 40

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September 29, 2006 Posted by | Xbox360 Games | 2 Comments

New Forza 2 Screens: Updated 21/9/06

Now were talking, new shots from TGS have just appeared on the net and its looking GOOD!!! 🙂 click Read more for new screens , Thanks to Forzacentral for the images

Edit: New info : update in red 22/9/06

– they are still targeting a Japan release at the end of 2006
– they are working on FM2 since 2 years now
– the preview version shown to the press is based on a 60% finished version( devs are currently working on optimization, lightning, etc..)
– the preview version features 10 cars to select
– Tsukuba Curcuit in the preview version runs at 30fps but they confirm the final game will have 60fps
– 15 % more tuning/customization options for the cars compared to FM1
– the Corvette Z06 shown in the pics is build up of 40.000 polygons
– BMW is one of the new carmakers in the lineup
– Xbox Live modes are already fully integrated
– new cars and tracks are planned to be available for download every 6 months
– there is a not yet announced mode that will be revealed near the games release in 1 or 2 months

  • – number of layers per side increases from 100 to several hundreds
  • – some cars will have the option of up to 4 different engine swaps
  • – the car class system will be updated due to the new tuning options; behind the class letter there will be a three digit number perfectly representing the current tuning/performance level of your car
  • – every car in the game will sound different
  • – the new damage system now works much better, every part of the car will be dynamicly deformed depending on how hard it get hit; with parts like bumbers and spoilers falling of the car and staying on the track
  • – the car can’t be totalled but it can be damaged so far that you will be limited to drive only at a minimum of speed
  • – fully 3D grass that is moving in the wind (well you won’t see much of its beauty when you pass by at 180mph)
  • – driving assists(Raceline, ABS,TCS,ATS) return and they are better then ever; simulation fans who turn it off will be rewarded with more money
  • – most of the tracks from FM1 will return like Tokyo Circuit
  • – due to the fact that this is a circuit race game the point-to-point tracks are gone
  • – demo version over Xbox Live is planned
  • – you’ll be able to send the photos taken in photomode to friends via eMail
  • – they are planning to host a “World Championship” via Xbox Live after release
  • – a demo version will be playable at the X06 showfloor next week
  • updated info from forzacentral

Sorry for the poor image quality due to wordpress lmitations i had to shrink down the images to fit in the window, links below to full higher res versions

HI-RES scan Skyline
HI-RES scan Corvette
HI-RES scan Corvette 2

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Bringing it Home Returns 20/9/06 until 29/9/06


Xbox Live® has your V.I.P. ticket to two of the biggest weekends in video games!
The Tokyo Game Show is one of the largest international events in video games, and it begins September 20. The theme of this year’s show is, “New Excitement. New Sensations. A New Generation.”

X06 is taking place in Barcalona, Spain, beginning September 27. At X06, Microsoft will unveil more plans for Xbox 360™, showcasing the breadth of the next-generation line-up of games and the next wave of accessories. Continue reading

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First Forza 2 Screens

Check emm out over at forzamotorsport.net

If im being honest im a bit underwhelmed by these first shots, since friday all hell has broken lose over at FM.net as to whether they were fake or real but they are the real deal it seems, with rumours of a delay into 2007 at the moment i think this is the best coarse of action for the dev team to polish the game and i have no doubt Turn10 will deliver

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FORZA 2: HD leipzig Trailer + Text Commentary

Microsoft just released a higher resalution version of the video teaser shown at Leipzig last week with a text commentary from Game Designer Dan Greenawalt

Grab the HD Trailer here at xboxyde. Press Release Text below

Original comment by FM2’s Game Director Dan Greenawalt: Forza Motorsport 2 is the premier racing simulator for the Xbox 360 console. We created this video as a way to illustrate the physics at work in our simulation engine. Specifically, at key points in the video, we change to a multi-pane view with the racing action in one pane and a physics highlight in the other. In this walkthrough, I’ll go into more detail about what you’re seeing.

0:04 = start – Welcome to Sebring
At the start of the video, you see 12 customized cars racing down the front straightaway at Sebring International Raceway in Florida, one of the new tracks we have in Forza Motorsport 2. It’s a pretty tight field and the cars are really dicing it out heading into the first turn.

0:13 = Racing Line
In the first cut-away, we show a top-view of the drivers settling into their racing line. You can see the cars hitting their apex and exit points as they weave through the first group of turns. It’s a tight, high speed section of the track – not a lot of room for passing.
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Demo: TestDrive Unlimited Demo2

Now up on MarketPlace Second Demo of Test Drive Unlimited – 738.23 Meg

  • 60km (up from 40 in demo 1)
  • ferrari F430, Ford Mustang, AC Cobra, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
  • 1 Hour of game time(up from 15minutes in demo 1)

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More on Forza 2

IGN UK recently had an interview with forza chief developer Dan Greenawalt and a few more tasty “tidbits” of information was disclosed

heres a few

  • Total number of tracks 70+ up from 60+ in an old interview 🙂
  • Cars will level up individually to encourage you to stick with one car for longer
  • 400 single player races
  • Support for 3rd party steering wheels as well as MS own
  • Around 100 upgrade parts per car

check the full interview here and check here for wireframe models of the actual car models from the game

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First Forza 2 Screens Soon

forza2 banner
The first shots of Forza 2 are going to be seen soon according to the latest Pit Report over at forzamotorsport.net, it seems that a magazine (undisclosed EGM?,OXM?) has secured the rights to publish the first screens rather than a website, although with big games events coming up like the leipzig GC in the coming weeks and X06 in September look for these pictures in the next few weeks to a month as the game gets closer to its release date of 4th quarter 06

its no big suprise that i am big fan of the original Forza and im looking forward to this game and im waiting for these first screens to see how the game looks and plays

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Gears of War Release Date Announced

gow banner

Just appeared on the Gears of War forums over at Epic Games and Xbox.com, Emergence day has just been announced, the US date release date is penciled in for November 12th 06 which is a sunday weired i know, with this date one thing can be certain this is Microsofts “Killer punch” to Sony which release the PS3 Five(5) days after the GOW release,

This information ties into a number of strange viral messages some live users have been getting over the past week on xbox live, users deciphered the messages and came up with the 12th november date

EDIT: Eurogamer confirms november 17th european release date

gow pic1

August 3, 2006 Posted by | Xbox 360 News, Xbox360 Games | 1 Comment

Forza 2 customization Video

Video supplied by Gametrailers

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